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Platinum Curidas Urban Green Fountain Pen
Platinum Curidas Urban Green Fountain Pen

Curidas Urban Green Fountain Pen


Curidas Urban Green

Fountain Pen

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CURIDAS, the name of this line, is a term that comes from the word Curiosity.

This fountain pen hopes to satisfy the curiosity of writing lovers.

For this purpose, the model has been designed in 5 different colours, translucent, with cartridge or converter charge (not included), steel nib and with a clip that can be removed or put on depending on your taste.

The clip aligned with the nib makes the grip perfect without disturbing its location.

The opening and closing system has a cover that opens, when the button is pressed, through some side rods (marked in blue in the drawing), so neither nib nor feeder ever come into contact with this cover.

The nib is completely outside, so that you can enjoy its elasticity and softness when writing.

When the fountain pen is closed, the nib is left in a pond of an absorbent, very soft material, which prevents the ink from drying out and prevents it from releasing drops of ink when the nib is taken out (yellow area of the drawing).

The nib is made of steel and is available in EF F M and B.

The clip can be removed or attached.

The box includes a piece for easy insertion or removal.

Product Details

1,38 cm
24 gr
PMMA resin
Stainless steel (ST-2)
Loading system:
Takes Platinum cartridges which can be found here and accepts a Platinum converter for use with bottled ink.
Urban Green
Length Capped
15,3 cm

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