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Fontana Penna is a personal project born from two reflections.

The first one is observed when we become aware of something obvious. A customer wants to have a specific product and not what is available in a store, most visitors know what they want to buy and our mission should be as simple as getting the maximum references from each manufacturer and in case of not having them, investing the necessary efforts to achieve them using all available means at our disposal.

The second reflection is born from the belief that before the problems, the organization should be our tactics and discipline as constant in our way of working, if we were able to build a store that provided the means to reach more customers, we would not have a success fortuitous, but a prolonged triumph can invest resources in improving both the experience and the loyalty of our potential customers generating a climate of confidence that should be reflected in the welfare of these.

For this we develop well-defined processes and standards that will provide us with weapons to be more effective.

We observed that in several international businesses there was a constant related to the few variety of products despite the many brands offered.

Our beginnings start with few manufacturers, with the idea of ​​constantly expanding the catalog based on our dealings with suppliers. We prefer to go with firm step and little by little.

The personal hobby Miquel was the germ of all these reflections, at first sold by different means his pens to buy others and that way to rotate his collection leaving only the units that he liked most.

Later, he began to buy second-hand items, repair them and sell them again checked and in perfect use.

When the volume was important, decided to undertake this adventure with enthusiasm and that has allowed to meet many good people who share the love for the world of fountain.

We hope that passing through Fontana Penna is a positive and enriching experience, as we expand both catalog and sections we will keep you informed. For this, you can subscribe to our newsletter.

Fontana Pena, we were born to express your thoughts.