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Maiora Impronte Oversize Fountain Pen
Maiora Impronte Oversize Fountain Pen
Maiora Impronte Oversize Fountain Pen

Impronte Oversize Fountain Pen

<<writing is like taking the “imprints of the soul”, and even the smallest “ imprints ” leave a mark on this world >>

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The Maiora « IMPRONTE » is a numbered edition writing instruments collection that immediately catches the eye through a harmonious combination of color that invites the user to celebrate the beautiful life that Italy provides.

From friendship and festivity with locals to the joy of art appreciation found throughout this iconic destination.

The « IMPRONTE » embodies a dark orange palate and an absolute black, reminescent of the color found throughout the Italian countryside, under the Mediterranean sun and reflected on the rocky hillsides.

IMPRONTE’s design and the emotion it evokes serves as inspiration for Maiora’s artisans as they create each piece by hand, using old skills passed down through the generations.

« IMPRONTE » collection, the beautiful Italy that each one envisions or dreams about.


Made from special resin turned by hand from solid bars, Impronte combines polished and matte surfaces; threaded cap; Clip is finished in either gold or rhodium plated (depending on the version), it have been machined from solid pieces of pure brass and hand–finished to obtain a glossy and matte surface for contrast.


Stainless steel nib, iridium point, gold or rhodium plated (depending on the version), engraved with Maiora’s trademark. Available in EF, F, M, B.

Product Details

Length Posted
Special resin turned by hand
Stainless Steel
Impronte Box
Loading system:
Cartridge - Converter
Length Capped


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