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Montegrappa 007 Spymaster Duo Fountain Pen
Montegrappa 007 Spymaster Duo Fountain Pen
Montegrappa 007 Spymaster Duo Fountain Pen
Montegrappa 007 Spymaster Duo Fountain Pen
Montegrappa 007 Spymaster Duo Fountain Pen
Montegrappa 007 Spymaster Duo Fountain Pen

Montegrappa 007 Spymaster Duo Fountain Pen

Many of the elements developed for James Bond’s 1962 cinematic debut, DR. NO, have become synonymous with each of his twenty-five films: the signature score, the villains and, of course, the gadgets. Cutting-edge accessories that defy convention are central to Bond’s legend. Like any device issued by MI6’s Q Branch, there’s more to the 007 Spymaster Duo than meets the eye.

Discover its secrets.

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After six decades and 25 blockbusters, 007 needs no introduction. The legendary James Bond film franchise celebrates 60 years on October 5, 2022. Our journey with the famous secret agent begins with a flashback to his first film: the iconic Dr. No, starring Sean Connery.

007 Spymaster Duo offers strength, style and a groundbreaking gadget of its own. A paragon of strength, style and secrecy in knurled steel and knurled black alloy. Made of gray stainless steel, the rifling on the top of the barrel and the cap segments evoke the iconic 007 gun barrel sequence. The fountain pens and rollerballs are issued in numbered editions of 380.

007 Spymaster Duo combines a grey fluted stainless steel cap and back with a black anodized aluminum knurled barrel and a steel grip section. However, like any good espionage tool worth its salt, its true antics are kept out of sight

It hides a secret "weapon." A false barrel segment conceals a set of cufflinks that can be removed and replaced as needed. Each is stamped with the iconic 007 Bond logo.

But if there is one thing to highlight about this Montegrappa masterpiece, it is the advanced "Swift-Shot" filling system, which offers users even greater efficiency in the field. First we fill a special refill pipette with the chosen ink.

We prick the bullets into the pipette, and press down, refilling these containers. The ink is introduced into these bullets made of high-capacity brass, so that they do the job of refillable cartridges.

This new formula eliminates the plastic from this element completely. The two bullets give the option to combine them by refilling them in different colors. Without a doubt we are talking about a unique piece in the market.

The packaging is at the same level as the rest of the piece. As it could not be otherwise, a spectacular spy case, including a booklet with passport design, 2 inkwells, the bullets to make cartridges, and the refill pipette, plus some secret compartment.

The fountain pens are also supplied with bottles of blue and black 007 and 60th Anniversary ink. An 8mm 18k ruthenium gold nib (EF, F, M, B, Stub 1.1) that also sports the James Bond 60th Anniversary logo.

Product Details

18.0 mm
114.00 gr
Stainless Steel, Brushed Black Aluminium
18k Gold
Loading system:
Stainless Steel
Length Capped
162 mm
Limited Edition
380 Fountain Pens, 18k Gold Nib

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