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Kaweco ORIGINAL 060 Black Chrome...
Kaweco ORIGINAL 060 Black Chrome...
Kaweco ORIGINAL 060 Black Chrome...
Kaweco ORIGINAL 060 Black Chrome...
Kaweco ORIGINAL 060 Black Chrome...
Kaweco ORIGINAL 060 Black Chrome...
Kaweco AL-Sport Gold Fountain Pen

Kaweco ORIGINAL 060 Black Chrome Fountain Pen

Original Design Redefined.

Nib Size
0815033 M
74.37 €


A completely new pen series, but originally Kaweco:

The new Kaweco Original impresses with its elegant lines and distinctive design. Especially the matte look of the surface creates great exclusivity. The purist design of the writing instruments harmonises wonderfully with the solid aluminium body, the chrome-plated elements and highly scratch-resistant anodisation.

You can individualise your pen by choosing the nib you like best. Five different nib sizes are available, from extra fine to extra broad. While the extra fine nib (EF) is suitable for small and fine handwriting, the extra broad (BB) nib is often used for large, dramatic signatures. For beginners, we recommend the nib size medium (M). All nibs are produced in Germany.

While the basic shape was based on writing instruments from the late 50s, the octagonal shape breathes the typical Kaweco product DNA into the Original. Especially the grip section makes the writing instrument clearly recognisable, as it is convex compared to other Kaweco series.

Due to the optimal length of the barrel, there is enough space for a large Kaweco standard converter. Thanks to a thread in the feed, the converter can be screwed into the front part. So, in addition to the Kaweco ink cartridges, it is possible to refill from the ink bottles. The Kaweco Original is excellently balanced for extensive writing without a cap. The Original can be securely attached to the writing pad or the shirt pocket utilising its permanently mounted clip for on the go or when changing meeting rooms.

We also offer eleven colourful inks, available as cartridges or ink bottles, as well as suitable standard converters. Thanks to the screwing mechanism the nib can be exchanged by all 060 nib variations

Nib metálic Silver – EF - F – M – B - BB

Charging System: Cartridge International / piston converter (not included).

Product Details

Length Posted
12 cm
23 g
Kaweco Tin Nostalgic Short
Loading system:
Cartridge / Converter (not included)
Black Chrome
Length Capped
12,7 cm


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