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Kaweco Fantasie NOS 2012 Ballpoint Pen

Kaweco Fantasie NOS 2012 Ballpoint Pen


Fantasie NOS 2012 

Ballpoint Pen

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Many customers use it with raw brass, it is a piece that improves when it acquires the patina

Let your imagination run wild! Kaweco's Fantasie pen is all about creative personalization. The raw brass body is designed specifically to be decorated with FIMO clay.

Create your clay designs, press them onto the pen, and bake!

To apply clay designs to the pen, remove the metal nib, clip, end caps, and internal components.

After creating a clay design, roll it out in a sheet approximately 1.4 mm thick, and apply it to the brass cap and barrel of the pen.

The edges of the sheet should meet and not overlap.

Bake the pen for 30 minutes at 230°F / 110°C.

This fountain pen has a large steel nib with an iridium point.

The fountain pen or ballpoint pen, comes in a tin gift box.

Product Details

10.3 - 13.0 mm
36 gr
Metal (Brass)
Length Capped
14.3 cm


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