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Inoxcrom Atlantic Spices Brown NOS Fountain Pen

Inoxcrom Atlantic Spices Brown Fountain Pen


2004 Inoxcrom Atlantic Spices Brown Fountain Pen

State of conservation: NOS

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Inoxcrom Atlantic

In 1998 the brand launches a new model in its "City Collection" medium series.

It only adopts the black triangular nozzle of its previous sister ZEPPELIN, which assembles the proven and reliable SAKYO set as a nib-feeder set. The rest is of new design.

Atlantic Metal

The basic pen was named after the brand's tradition. At first it appeared exclusively as a fountain pen and ballpoint pen.

At first, the most apparent in it is its new clip, made of shiny steel in the form of a prolonged reed (which would endure over time in many other later models), and which generally bore the Inoxcrom balloon-logo engraved on its upper part, although on numerous occasions they forgot the stamping. In its fold next to the insertion was engraved SPAIN.

It is attached to the cap, made of metal tube and closing by click, by means of a cap formed by a rounded washer in shiny steel with an open centre, which holds a black plastic disc inside.

The skirt of the cap is engraved with INOXCROM centered under the end of the clip.

The metal body has a slight taper, and is later topped with a cap similar to the cap but smaller diameter.

In front, the body apparently ends in a shiny steel washer, but in reality this washer is loose and, when it is threaded over the nozzle, it remains with it when it is unscrewed.

The triangular nozzle, as we have already explained, comes from the ZEPPELIN model, and lacks a sleeve as it has a threaded rear extension, where it internally mounts the loading system by universal cartridges, of which it admits two short (the inverted reserve), one long, or a converter.

The nib is the "small" of the brand, and is always silver. Its type of writing is "M" although with tolerance.

Atlantic METAL / GOLD

The first variant is also the usual one of assembling a gold clip, although without taking the gold beyond because it could get very close to its "big sister" (and variant) PARIS. Therefore, nib and other trimmings remain in polished steel. It was less than two years in production.

Atlantic SPICES

In 2001, the first colour variant appeared: Black, Bordeaux, Blue and Green, with a truly novel rough and satin finish.

The mark on the cap skirt becomes painted, and the "X" is surrounded by a circle as it was then the logo, and much earlier was a marking on the nibs of the Inoxcrom 77-fine.

The types of writing are extended to fountain pen, ballpoint pen, mechanical pencil and roller ball.
In 2004 the colours were brown, blue, light blue, lilac and stone. The initial black had disappeared by mid-2003.

Atlantic PARFUM

In 2005 Inoxcrom decides that a half new palette of colours already deserves a name change, and the shades Stone, Copper, Red, Acid Green and Blue appear together with the new appellation.

In 2006 the acid green color disappears, and in 2009 the ATLANTIC model disappears.

For the purposes of collection, the beautiful Atlantic can despair anyone. With four blues, and none equivalent to the printing inks in catalogues - whoever has them - the doubt is the protagonist. Let's add the greens, some "acid".

If you ask a salesman or a knowledgeable representative, you can obtain the diplomatic and obvious answer that "they were different shades", and put the pieces in front of him, he doesn't know how to define them either.

The best thing is to enjoy them, and not worry about their differences when, in the end, they were equivalent.

NOS: New Old Stock

Thanks to Miguel Huineman and Plumahispana

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