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Tibaldi Bamboo - Dust Fountain Pen
Tibaldi Bamboo - Dust Fountain Pen

Tibaldi Bamboo - Dust Fountain Pen


Trio Project is dedicated to three great musical hits of the 60's, 70's and 80's.

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We were eager to present you this project and finally we have it here. Trio Project is a project formed by three unique designs, an exclusive collection for the Spanish market, which is not in Tibaldi's catalog, and this makes there are many reasons to take advantage of this unique opportunity to have a special product for new sales opportunities. In this its first edition, Trio Project will be dedicated to three great musical hits of the 60's, 70's and 80's.

In 1977 the American band Kansas released Dust in the Wind, creating one of the first acoustic rock ballads, something that in the 80's became an almost mandatory format to include in their albums for every rock band.

It is a song that is still played today on radios all over the world. A melodic acoustic mix with melancholic lyrics, which reminds us that we are really nothing compared to the greatness of the universe, dust we are and dust we will become.
Tibaldi Dust, is created in black resin with gold dust sprinkled randomly, making each unit a unique piece, since none has the same amount of mixture, nor the same drawing, something that happens in the three models, but perhaps in this one in a more significant way.

Trio Project: Hits is a compilation of Tibaldi's most successful colors, resins, shines and reflections, but taken to a unique personalization, and inspired by songs that because of their lyrics or influence were also great hits, and in this way, create a project that like the "Greatest Hits" albums of the great pop-rock bands, will remind us of those unique moments and lived experiences.

This collection is limited and temporary, although not numbered. Like any special project it will have a limited time.

These 3 models have been created on the Bamboo design, already existing in Tibaldi, but its aesthetics has been updated, removing the ornament of the hanging chains of the cap, and including a clip, similar to the one that mounts the Perfecta line, creating a unique design piece, which will only be available in the Spanish market.

Steel nib available in EF, F, M, B, BB

Product Details

15 mm
28 gr
0.6 mm stainless steel / ebonite feeder
Loading system:
Converter / cartridges
Length Capped
123 mm
Limited Edition
Limited and temporary unnumbered.

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