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Leonardo Officina Italiana Messenger collection Acqua Fountain Pen
Leonardo Officina Italiana Messenger collection Acqua Fountain Pen
Leonardo Officina Italiana Messenger collection Acqua Fountain Pen

Messenger collection Acqua Fountain Pen

Leonardo Officina Italiana 

Messenger collection


Fountain Pen

Nib Size
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5 translucent and exclusive resins, limited to only 366 pieces in the world for each different resin colour, the numbering is engraved on the back of the cap.

The year 2020 is a leap year and therefore formed by 366 days (as it happens every 4 years), for this reason the Messenger collection is limited to 366 pieces and will be available only for this year 2020.

Leonardo Officina Italiana introduces the first collection of the year 2020.

Write a message, sign an agreement, use calligraphy as a therapy to express your emotions.

In the digital age where we are increasingly invaded by technology, the fountain pen returns to be used as it once was, a return to the warmth of ink and the roughness of paper and the emotional unpredictability of the nib, more and more newspaper articles and media releases confirm a return to the emotions that only handwriting can give.

Writing is art. Writing is putting your feelings on paper. Writing is freedom.

Messenger "the bearer of messages"

The metal parts are only available in stainless steel finish.

A well balanced fountain pen closed and even more dynamic with a hood on the back.

Steel nibs (produced by Jowo, Germany) available in EF, F, M, Broad and Stub 1.1, ABS conductor.

Metal details: the steel ring personalized with the "Leonardo" signature on the cap amplifies the reference to the scientist and creative genius from which the brand takes its name.

The single-threaded stainless steel fitting on the section makes it easy to open.

Colours available: Acqua, arancio, verde, rosso and caramel

Product Details

Steel Nib
Loading system:
Cartridge, Converter (not included)
Limited Edition
366 Units


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