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Leonardo Officina Italiana Ink 40ml Smeraldo

Leonardo Officina Italiana Ink 40ml Smeraldo

to be added to the 7 already available

Arancio tarocco / Noce moscata / Smeraldo / Taurasi red wine

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In an increasingly aseptic everyday life, the use of the fountain pen takes us back in time. 

Like when we find in the box of memories an old photograph or a postcard written by hand with a fountain pen and this takes us back in time, old memories resurface and warms our soul. When our parents, friends or grandparents wrote messages with a fountain pen, indelible memories, Leonardo today presents 4 new inks to add to the 7 already available. 

New colors: Emerald, Tarocco Orange, Nutmeg, Taurasi red wine (the name is inspired by the DOCG grape variety present in southern Italy). 

Colors already available: Green, Blue, Turquoise, Sepia, Red, Black, Purple. 

The Emerald and Orange are very bright inks, they shine on any type of paper, even the richest in cotton and the most porous. 

Taurasi red and Nutmeg are more "classic" inks with warm and soft tones that work well on ivory or white papers cream.

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