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Leonardo Officina Italiana Dodici - Mosaico ST Fountain Pen Fontana Penna fontanapenna.com
Leonardo Officina Italiana Dodici - Mosaico ST Fountain Pen Fontana Penna fontanapenna.com

Dodici - Mosaico ST Fountain Pen

Leonardo Officina Italiana

DODICI \12 (twelve)

The number of perfection

Shipments will begin by the end of May 2024

Nib Size
Nib Material
Nib mm
607.43 €


Leonardo introduces the new Dodici (Twelve) collection, a number closely associated with three, much like the three pens in this new line from Leonardo Officina Italiana, inspired by the Italian tradition of faceted design pens. The 12 facets of the pen enhance its shapes, angles, and geometry, striking a perfect balance harmoniously related to the perfection of the number 12.

The collection:

Mosaico The polychrome faceted design of Mosaico enhances the geometric lines, and its colors remember the submerged mosaics on the Campi Flegrei seabeds. The perfect harmony of the 12-facets of the pen, the colors inspired by the sea and the volcanic energy of that territory, all in a writing instrument that offers a unique experience of writing.

Vulcanica deep black recalls the glossy color of volcanic glass, a color that perfectly enhances the faceted design of the pen and the angles of the refined Dodici (Twelve) collection. Angles and lines perfectly balanced, together with the energetic power of volcanic lands from which it takes inspiration, makes this pen a unique and intense experience of writing.

Magmatica colors recalls the deep blue of seabeds and the dark nuance of magmatic rocks pouring into the sea. Magmatica like chaotic, blurred, as the natural forces mixing between sea and fire and finding again the balance in the seabeds and in their volcanic sediment. A balance reflected in the harmony of the faceted design of the pen and in its elegant shapes, offering a unique experience of writing. 

- - - 

The metal finishes are available in palladium or gold.

Integrated piston filling system produced in our workshops, 1.5ml capacity, possibility of disassembly with our steel wrench.

Transparent colorless window that indicates the level of ink available inside the tank. 

The nib: 

#8 "la fenice" gold nib EF, F, M, B, Stub1.1 

#6 "la fenice" gold nib EF, F, M , B, Stub1.1 

Extra fine or Elastic Fine gold nib

Product Details

Gold nib #6 or #8 (ebonite feed).
Loading system:
Integrated piston filling system
Closed pen length:
155 mm
Cap length:
69.50 mm
Pen body length:
135 mm
Weight without ink:
31.40 gr
Maximum cap diameter:
16.80 mm
Grip diameter:
12.30 mm

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