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Diamine Inkvent-Red Collection Thunderbolt 50ml
Diamine Inkvent-Red Collection Thunderbolt 50ml

Inkvent-Red Collection Thunderbolt 50ml


Standard - like the usual 80ml inkwells.

12.39 €


We present the new Diamine collection, based on the successful advent calendar launched in 2021, REDINKVENT.

After the success of the INKVENT-BLU collection, Diamine is relaunching 25 new colors, maintaining the design of the blue collection, and the variety of finishes and fabrications.

It is a closed collection, so no more colors will be added. These 25 colors are exact replicas of those contained in the advent calendar, and have different finishes:

  • Standard - like the usual 80ml inkwells.
  • Sheen - They have a special shimmer in the ink.
  • Shimmer - like the shimmering collection, which includes shimmering particles.
  • Shimmering & Sheen, mixing the latter two and creating a unique finish to the ink.

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Limited Edition