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Nettuno Nineteen-Eleven Black Sands Ballpoint Pen
Nettuno Nineteen-Eleven Black Sands Ballpoint

Nettuno Nineteen-Eleven Black Sands Ballpoint Pen

Nettuno Nineteen-Eleven Black Sands Ballpoint Pen

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Nettuno 1911


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First traces of Nettuno's foundation date back to the year 1911. It is for this reason that it is usually referred to as one of Italy's historical brands producing writing instruments, perhaps even the first brand registered in Italy.

In fact a 1911 sketch for an advertising flyer featured the logo, Neptune (god of the sea)fountain in Piazza Maggiore in Bologna, Italy, chosen as its symbol by Umberto Vecchietti, founder of the company.This makes NETTUNO the oldest Italian fountain pens manufacturer.

Since January, 2018, Nettuno writing instruments are manufactured in Naples (my City), Italy, by Maiora Pen Factory.


From the desire to bring back to life one of the most ancient stories of the italian "pen", from the 40 years experience of Nino Marino (co-founder of Delta pen company, since the year 1982) a man who have dedicated his life to the world of treasured writing instruments, "nineteen-eleven" is the first collection from the Nettuno 1911 to celebrate the fine italian "pen".

Strictly submitting to the rules of an enterely artisan production, this first collection sets itself to the immediate scrutiny of all handwriting enthusiasts and aficionados.

Fountain pens, followed by ballpoint pens and rollerballs, sparkle with lustrous lights due to exotics materials chosen.

Materials turned by hand from solid bar, distinctive metal trimmings preciously plated gold or rhodium, surfaces treated with infinite care, resulting in each piece being treasured as a small piece of art.


The top of the cap highlights a precious relief decoration that bears the image of the waves of the sea. The clip, with its antique look, shows the "trident", the tip of the Neptune's harpoon. The ornamental rings, also offered with relief engraving, symbolize the internationally recognized icon represented by the characteristic "aeches" of the porticoes of the italian City of Bologna. The shape is "flat top"style, as a remainder of the shapes chosen in the early years in the production of the first beautiful fountain pens.


All ballpoint pens feature a double-rotation (twist) mechanism. The refill is of high quality and large capacity ink. It offers a consistent flow to the very last drop of ink. It is offered in either black or blue ink.


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Nettuno Nineteen-Eleven Black Sands Ballpoint Pen

Nettuno Nineteen-Eleven Black Sands Ballpoint Pen

Nettuno Nineteen-Eleven Black Sands Ballpoint Pen

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